Developed in Norway, inspired by wild nature, volcanoes and predators.


The ice age was started by volcanic eruptions in tropical areas. One of the most active volcanoes in the world is the Italian Stromboli, which is still potent and active. The ice age shaped Norwegian nature with the deep valleys and barren mountains. As the ice retreated, humans moved on, up to, and also north of the Arctic Circle. Living in harmony with nature, among fjords and birds of prey is part of the Norwegian soul, and Norwegians go out into nature, regardless of weather and season. No Matter What!


Inspired by our origins, a group of developers, designers and enthusiasts, with a green heart, met in a cabin by a frozen lake in the Norwegian, snow-capped mountains, and worked on an idea:

What if you could develop electric vehicles, inspired by the potent volcanoes of the past, the large and impressive birds of prey and the clean environment. Here the ideas and one of our brands were born (yes, BROMOLi is inspired by the volcano Stromboli) were born, and the goal was quickly decided; to offer powerful and fast series-produced two-wheelers, with the longest range.


From the cabin you can see the large bird of prey the eagle circling the air currents and fly effortlessly over the forest and mountains. The large birds of prey have become an inspiration for our vehicles, both because of their power and range and for the uncompromising life they live as birds of prey.